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OUR STAND ON THE COVID-19 VIRUS (Mega Cannabis Farms)

Posted On March 16, 2020 at 8:22 am by / 1 Comment


In light of the fact there is now a worldwide pandemic of the COVID-19 virus (corona virus), we here at Mega Cannabis Farms held an emergency board meeting last night in which there was a unanimous 1-0 vote to leave the Mega Cannabis Farms open for public tours of our farm. However our ban on corrupt lawyers, lobbyists and government officials touring our farm continues to remain in effect.

Click here for COVID-19 virus prevention tips. STAY SAFE!


The idea of the Mega cannabis Farms has always been to promote environmentally responsible urban farming for it’s educational, jobs creation, housing the homeless and organic properties that create self sustainability for our food and meds within our communities.


One of the marvelous characteristics of Dennis Peron was how he never shied away from a fight or failed to take community action when it was required. When he and Brownie Mary took it upon themselves to relieve the pain and suffering of AIDS patients with medicated cannabis brownies and flower, it was a sign that enormous repairs begin with the action of a small but dedicated group of people that see something that needs to be fixed and regardless of the personal consequences, work to create that change. Dennis we miss you and your zest for life more than you will ever know. You fought the odds and led the way. It is in your honor we carry the medical cannabis and constitutional freedom fight forward. Thank you, your family and all your friends for what it is you left us. It is on your shoulders we now stand.

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